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Alyce's Proposal Story

I've mentioned before I always thought I would be very cynical about weddings, proposals and honestly the whole bit... but the day Ben proposed, I turned into an actual pile of mush. I'll start from the beginning, because I think it's important to know how my friends and family can lie to me when they put their minds to it.

It was a Friday morning. Nothing about this day seemed different than other Fridays. Ben and I woke up, scrambled to our work out, came home and sat down for coffee. This was my first mistake, as I decided to drink coffee and spray some dry shampoo in my hair, instead of actually showering. I didn't know this would be one of the biggest photo op days of my life!

Once I got to work, the girls had already decided to do each others nails. (The shop is pretty laid back if you didn't already pick up on that...) I jumped on the opportunity because my nails looked AWFUL. This was, of course, all a ploy. They knew I was about to get engaged that night and recognized they had to step in. SO, my nails were successfully painted.

Image by Gifer

A few hours later, my sister, Samantha, sits down to do her makeup, Her story- she had somewhere to be after work and needed to freshen up. "Come here", she says, " try my new concealer", "try my new bronzer", "want to try my new lip color?". 10 minutes later, I had a fresh face of makeup on! Sneaky.

Next, I start my trek home. I still feel a little grimy from not showering, but man, my makeup and nails were on point!

I clamor through the door with my jackets and bags (I carry like 10 bags back and forth everyday, not sure why...), and am immediately in a scene straight out of a movie. There's a golden glow on everything, which I later realized was from twinkle lights and candles that were scattered through the house. My eyes followed a path outlined with those lights and photos from all of our adventures until I saw cute Ben, sitting nervously, waiting for me to make eye contact with him. Cue the crying.

Image by Gifer

I wish I could say it was cute crying, but it was not. This is where things start to get a little fuzzy. Ben said all the perfect things. He talked about wanting to ask me this question in a space that felt the most special to us, our home. He talked about wanting to adventure with me for the rest of our lives. He talked about how much he loved me, and how he would love me for the rest of forever. Then finallllllly (in all actuality it's probably been about 90 seconds since I walked through the door), he asked if I would marry him. In all my excitement, I forgot to look at the ring and flung my arms around his neck while saying yes, in between my not so pretty sobs.

The pathway to the proposal!

After I had made sure he knew I said yes, I took a peek in the ring box! The ring was perfect. It was everything I didn't know I wanted. A beautiful, clear, solitaire diamond that sparkled more than anything I had ever seen. Sparkly things are my favorite, but the glimmer still catches me off guard. Even the ring box itself was sooo cool! It was a sleek, walnut box that rotated the ring up and out when it was opened- totally over the top- totally us.

The proposal site!! Makes me tear up looking at it.

We then proceeded to call all of our most important people. Then our most important people promptly showed up to drink champagne and celebrate with us!! It was so neat to see our two worlds mesh, and be so happy for our life and love. I couldn't have planned a more perfect proposal!

The Proposal!

How were you proposed to? Leave your story in the comments!

Not engaged or married yet? How would you want your significant other to do it?

Can't wait to hear from you!


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